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Diamond SHAPES

Diamonds have been cut into as many shapes as can be conceivably imagined. The goal of a diamantaire is to employ the finest craftsmanship methods possible while maximizing weight preservation and value. Four Mine carries the 10 most popular diamond shapes in the engagement and bridal industry. Over 50% of rings have a round brilliant center stone followed in popularity by the princess cut. Every shape has its own beauty and sparkle representing a unique type of personality and relationship.

STYLE: classic, elegant, sparkling

As the most classic shape for diamonds and engagement rings, the round brilliant has 58 kite and star shaped facets that provide maximum sparkle in a diamond. This shape is the fastidious use of science to create an artistically perfect shape. Round brilliants can be matched with the greatest number of compatible settings. It can also be more expensive than comparable shapes of the same carat weight, color, and clarity.

STYLE: trendy, beautiful, angelic

Artfully faceted, the princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. It has an alluring and striking appeal while maintaining a tasteful elegance. The princess cut has precise faceting, giving it beautiful vibrancy. It tends to show its color near the sharp corners.

STYLE: romantic, graceful, sophisticated

Cushion cuts blend the energy of a round brilliant with the symmetry of a radiant cut. It's romantic appeal is reflected in it's larger 58 facets and rounded, squared corners. Also known as the "pillow cut," the cushion cut's larger faceting augment the diamond's brilliance. Larger facets can show clarity inclusions, so evaluate the location of inclusions by examining the certificate's diamond plot. Cushion cuts are popular in both square and rectangular shapes. Square cuts are generally a bit rarer, but do look more symmetrical in an engagement ring.

STYLE: modern, bold, glamorous

Emerald cuts represent unification, as they are well proportioned and bring out the pure brilliance of a diamond. Also known as "step cut" because of the layered faceting, the emerald cut possesses unique appeal with symmetrical sparkle. The faceting is minimal and simple, and therefore tends to show inclusions. An open setting can also show the diamond's color, so closed or bezel type settings are recommended with lower colors.

STYLE: fashionable, innovative, adventurous

A natural variation of the round brilliant, the distinctive oval shape possesses similar sparkle in its elongated body. The oval shape is a perfect complement to long fingers. It can mask inclusions and color similar to the round brilliant, while it's shape elongates the fingers. Shorter ovals can look like cushion cuts, so we recommend a ratio of 1.33 to 1.66.

STYLE: fiery, diva, provocative

A beautifully symmetrical, non-traditional cut, the radiant cut combines the brilliance of a round and the purity of an emerald cut. Trimmed corners give it versatility among all kinds of jewelry, especially engagement rings. The faceting of a radiant cut gives it a fiery look compared to a princess cut, while maintaining soft, cut corners. The radiant fuses the plus points of other popular diamond shapes.

STYLE: balanced, vintage, creative

The asscher cut is a blend of the princess and emerald cuts with X-shaped facets from its corners to its center culet. The brilliance of its faceting can mask certain inclusions and lower color grades. Asscher cut diamonds have a clean balance, visual appeal, and can reflect clarity inclusions and color. Higher grades in both categories are generally recommended.

STYLE: dramatic, moving, joyful

The marquise cut is a classic and historic diamond that resembles the delight of a smile. The marquise is a variant of round and pear shaped diamonds, and like the oval is a perfect complement to long, slender fingers. The marquise cut's elongated body can make its appearance larger than its actual carat weight.

STYLE: symbolic, loving, sentimental

Heart shapes symbolize romance and love. Brilliantly faceted and symmetrical, the heart shape possesses superior sparkle and looks stunning in an engagement ring setting. The heart shape is a symbolic shape, representing love in every facet. The measurements are important in this shape since the symmetrical appeal can be lost in a very long or very short heart shape. Color tends to show visibility along the edges in color grades J or below.

STYLE: contemporary, unique, gentle

The pear shape diamond is artistic due to its many stylish variations. With 58 facets, light dances through the diamond similar to a round brilliant, maximizing sparkle. It's teardrop appearance leaves a lasting impression. The pear shape’s body allows the wearer the option of pointing it up or down. Its faceting often masks inclusions, and those found near the point tend to be less visible. Pear shapes can be wide or elongated, with longer pear shapes providing a slimming effect on fingers.