Jewelry Metals

Gemstone and diamond jewelry can be paired with a variety of precious metals. The metal you choose can depend on your preference in durability, look and cost. Factors that set different types of metals apart are also the luster (shine), weight and color of the metal. Four Mine crafts jewelry using gold, and platinum. We are also committed to using eco-friendly sources of metal. These are among the most durable and visually appealing metals, and are most commonly used in crafting jewelry. These metals are classified as precious as they are more rare and expensive than other commonly used metals. If you already know about metals, check out our guide on choose white gold vs. platinum.


A large portion of jewelry is forged with gold and this has been the case for centuries. Gold offers versatility in hue. It is available in white, yellow and rose shades most commonly. White gold is a great match with all gemstones and diamond and offers a versatile shine. Yellow gold is more traditional and pairs well with colored gemstones as well as diamonds. Finally, rose gold is a striking pink hue tharendy and unique choice.

Gold Education


A precious metal, platinum is more expensive and rare than gold. Platinum has a silvery white hue and is known for durability. Platinum is often chosen for it’s ability to resist abrasion or scratches. This fine metal pairs well with any gemstone or diamond. It is best used for jewelry like rings and wedding bands and pieces that will be worn regularly. Four Mine crafts platinum jewelry with high quality platinum.

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