July Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby jewelry isn't just July birthstone jewelry, but some people love adorning themselves according to their birthstones. Birthstones were originally based upon religious and spiritual significances, such as Aaron’s breastplate in the Bible. This significance changed in the Western world as information became confused, so in 1912, birthstones were standardized, giving us the list we know today. You probably know yours. Ruby birthstones used to be associated with December, but got bumped up to July.

Ruby Birthstone Symbolism

Ruby birthstones symbolize passion, power, courage and love. Some believe they ward off evil, and rubies are nicknamed “king of gems” because of their royal red color and because they were used in crowns. Many used to believe that rubies gifted their wearer with confidence, success and love.

July Birthstone Jewelry

Rubies make beautiful jewelry, whether you are a July birthday with a bling aesthetic, or are simply attracted to their luminous beauty. Qualities which make a ruby gemstone valuable include their color, cut, clarity and carat, but rubies are also favored because they are one of the hardest gems—there are only two natural gems harder, including diamonds. Rubies vary in color, ranging from pinks to reds nearly as dark as garnets. In the past century or so, United States jewelers and mining companies have begun to distinguish between rubies and pink sapphires—pink sapphires are lightly colored rubies, and it can be hard to draw the line. Ruby birthstone jewelry makes a great gift for a July birthday. Rubies are often set in white gold or silver, as many prefer the silver color next to the red. Diamonds and rubies are frequently paired for an elegant, romantic look. Due to their red and pink hues, rubies are popular in Valentine’s day jewelry. Popular ruby jewelry includes rings, necklaces and earrings. Oval cuts and Cushion cuts are the most common, though you will also see Emerald cuts and Brilliant cuts, and even mixed cuts.

Ruby Jewelry Trends

Recent trends have given rise to jewelry featuring smaller gems and more delicate metal-work, especially in rings, and earrings.With the resurgence in vintage fashion, antique and retro-style jewelry pieces are popular. Rubies offer timeless class, romantic elegance, and resplendent color. Whatever your personal style is, there is a ruby piece out there for you.

Top 10 Ruby Jewelry Birthday Gift Ideas

July Birthstone Jewelry Seven Stone Ruby Earrings

Seven Stone Ruby Cluster Earrings

These ruby earrings feature seven rubies set in white gold. The perfect addition to your outfit for an evening party or formal dinner, these elegant earrings make a great gift for someone with a love for that Roaring 20’s-esq glitter and class.

July Birthstone Jewelry Ruby Pendant

Ruby Bezel Journey Pendant

This playful pendant features five rubies set in white gold—a beautiful birthday gift for someone fun and spunky. This necklace can be worn every day to dress up an outfit or as a personal signature piece.

July Birthstone Jewelry Ruby Infinity Pendant

Ruby Infinity Hearts Pendant

This ruby necklace is an adorable gift for someone you love—whether for Valentine’s day or for your daughter’s sweet sixteen, this necklace makes a statement and can be worn every day.

July Birthstone Jewelry Round Ruby Halo Pendant

Round Ruby Halo Pendant

One large ruby surrounded by diamonds, this necklace is a wonderful addition to an evening-wear collection. Anyone with a vintage flair will love this timeless piece.

July Birthstone Jewelry Marquise Floral Ruby Earrings

Marquise Floral Ruby Earrings

These might become your new favorite earrings—four rubies set in white gold turn will make every day more exciting. These ruby earrings suit any fashionista looking to dress up those jeans, and can be worn with any outfit for a bit of sparkle.

July Birthstone Jewelry Solid Ruby Heart Pendant

Solid Ruby Heart Pendant

One ruby set in a white-gold heart: this necklace is the epitome of simple elegance. This youthful necklace makes a wonderful ruby birthstone gift for someone special with a July birthday.

July Birthstone Jewelry Round Halo Ruby Stud Earrings

Round Ruby Halo Earrings

One ruby surrounded by a ring of diamonds, these earrings make a statement at any evening event. These earrings are perfect for a show-stopping woman who knows how to slow down and enjoy the ride.

July Birthstone Jewelry Ruby Ring Oval Three Stone Baguette

Oval Ruby Three Stone Baguette Ring

This ruby ring features one ruby flanked by two diamonds. For a woman with a taste for the modern, this ring will dress up a special occasion. It could even be an engagement ring for a modern couple.

July Birthstone Jewelry Classic Curved Round Ruby Stud Earrings

Classic Curved Round Ruby Earrings

A spin on a timeless classic, these ruby earrings sport one ruby surrounded by an intricate diamond pattern. These earrings offer a trendy take on a vintage favorite, so they are perfect for anyone with a fresh take on fashion and life.

July Birthstone Jewelry Four Petal Ruby Stud Earrings

Four Petal Ruby Earrings

These earrings have a personality all their own. One ruby surrounded by diamond petals make up each earring. These are perfect evening-wear jewelry for someone unique and quirky.

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