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Use our size guide to determine her ring size accurately. You can also look for a ring that she wears on her ring finger and determine her size with that. If you get the size perfect the first time, your work is done. If not, don’t worry! Four Mine offers free resizing for up to 30 days. We understand that this is not an exact process, and factors beyond your control can influence the determination of ring size. Resizing is quite common, so don’t feel like you’ve made a mistake.



Rings are meant to be worn comfortably – not too tight, not too loose. As a good rule, the ring should be loose enough to pull over your knuckle with minimal effort. Remember that fingers tend to swell a bit during the summer, so keep that in mind when finding the perfect fit.


Your proposal is one of the biggest moments in your life. Don’t be nervous- just be well prepared and everything will go smoothly. Remember the proposal is all about celebrating your relationship and making her happy. Keep this in mind as you decide the venue, style and what you’re planning to say. Remember to make it heartfelt and she’ll be sure to say yes.

For tips on how to come up with a proposal idea view our guide: