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There is no better way to eternalize your love than an engagement ring. Traditionally, engagement rings are set with diamonds, which are the hardest material on earth. They are durable, everlasting and timeless. Their distinctive shapes, eye catching sparkle and rarity make them the most preferred choice of gemstone.


The first step in the engagement ring process is to determine your budget. Four Mine carries rings and diamonds that fit all budgets. Pick a budget that you are comfortable with. Our aim is to help you find the optimal ring and diamond for your desired price point.


The second step toward selecting the perfect diamond is choosing the right shape. Four Mine offers the 10 most popular shapes. Each shape has a unique style and a signature beauty. Round diamonds are traditional, possess maximum sparkle and are by far the most popular shape. The majority of all engagement rings have a round center stone. Other fancy shapes offer also offer distinctive visual appeal and can be set to create striking engagement rings.

Choosing the right shape is critical as the center stone is the focal point of your engagement ring. Fancy shapes (shapes other than round) are generally less expensive than rounds. After round, the most popular and trendy shapes are cushion and princess diamonds.


Finally, the 4C’s of diamonds (carat, cut, color & clarity) must be evaluated. The 4C’s tie together your budget and shape. Think of the 4C’s as a scale with carat on one side and cut, color and clarity on the other. Generally, if you increase one side, you must decrease the other to accommodate your budget.

It’s best to generally start with size. Once you have a size in mind, you can see the possibility of cut, color and clarity that exist within your desired size range, shape and budget. Size is the most visual “C” as an untrained eye can notice a difference between a 1ct and 2ct diamond.


The second most important “C” is cut, which directly correlates to diamond sparkle. The finer the cut, the better the sparkle. Select a higher cut grade for rounds (Excellent or Very Good); for fancy shapes selecting a Good cut is perfectly acceptable and will still yield a beautiful diamond. We guarantee that all Four Mine diamonds are of high quality and possess scintillating sparkle.

Finally, consider color and clarity. Color is generally only noticeable in lower colors (K or below). Clarity is rarely visible to the naked eye, except for I1 diamonds and lower. Four Mine doesn’t carry colors lower than L and clarity grade lowers than I1 to ensure your diamond quality is high regardless of your selection. All our diamonds come with an independent grading certificate that verifies your diamond quality.