Which Finger is the Engagement Ring Worn On

Which finger is the ring finger? Traditionally, the engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. The ancient Romans chose this finger because they (falsely) believed that there was a vein that ran directly to the heart. Because of this connection to the heart, they called it the Vena Amoris, or ‘Vein of Love.’ Although this idea has since been proven false, the tradition still remains in the US. In other countries such as Russia and Greece, the engagement ring is more commonly worn on the right hand. For Catholic couples, although the vein of love is not actually there, most believe that the fourth finger carries a symbolic meaning and connection to the heart. Therefore, Catholic couples usually abide by the tradition of the fourth finger on the left hand.

Origin of Engagement Ring Finger

A ring was significant in ancient Rome to symbolize love because, unlike a necklace or bracelet, the circle of the band symbolizes a certain completeness, meaning that the love of the couple wearing the ring is complete and true.

What exactly does an engagement mean anyways? Across the world, the term of engagement means a formal promise to marry someone. The ring itself represents the agreement to get married; think of it as the signature at the bottom of a contract. The tradition of wedding rings has been around for nearly five thousand years, whereas the engagement ring came about much later. In the fifteenth century, the Archduke of Austria introduced the engagement ring when he proposed to his future wife. The diamond engagement ring states a promise of sorts of forever love between two people. Women are traditionally the ones who wear the engagement ring as a symbol of acceptance of the man’s love; however, there are no explicit rules against men wearing engagement rings. With the legalization of same-sex marriage, engagement rings for men have surged in popularity.

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Which Finger is the Wedding Band Worn On?

Which finger is the wedding ring worn on? Typically, it can be found on the same ring as the engagement ring. Although the engagement ring is typically worn on the left hand, during the actual wedding ceremony, the tradition is mixed up a bit. Since the wedding band is usually worn closer to the heart (on the inside of the engagement ring), some brides choose to wear the engagement ring on the right hand on the day of their ceremony. That way, the groom can easily slip the wedding band on the bride’s finger without having to move the engagement ring. Typically, the engagement ring is not moved over to the left hand until after the ceremony. While the tradition is to wear both the wedding band and the engagement ring after the wedding, many women choose to switch it up by wearing the rings separately or by only wearing the wedding ring. These style choices make any expression of love all the more unique.

Which Finger is A Promise Ring Worn On?

Engagement rings are not to be confused with promise rings. Long ago, promise rings used to symbolize that an engagement was to follow, but nowadays, that notion may not necessarily be true. The promise ring from the sixteenth century has a much different connotation today as many people choose to wear one to symbolize love or an exclusive relationship. Which finger does the promise ring go on? Just as a promise ring is a personal choice with its own personal meaning, the placement is also a personal choice. Some couples choose the fourth finger on the left hand to keep the placement consistent with that of an engagement ring. However, couples wishing to avoid questions about an upcoming marriage which may or may not occur might choose to wear the promise ring on a different finger to avoid the engagement connotation.

Once again, while all of these traditions are typically followed in the United States, the traditions are not rules. Couples who wish to make their engagement or marriage more unique to their love may switch up which rings they choose to buy or where they choose to wear them. Some couples may only buy a wedding band, while others may buy a whole set of a promise ring, engagement ring, and wedding band. Right hand or left hand, where the ring is placed depends solely on the couple at hand. Some may choose separate hands for each ring, while some may not wear the engagement ring at all. Who would have thought that something as simple as ring placement could add so much uniqueness?

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