Engagement Ring Sizing

Finding the right size for a ring or band can be simple. Use our easy guide to determine a comfortable fit for him or her.

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Engagement Ring Fitting

Rings and bands should fit comfortably on the finger, slipping on with minimal effort over the knuckle. If the ring is too loose and falls off easily when shaking or with your hands facing downward, the size is too big. Additionally, if the ring is difficult to put on or is affecting your blood circulation or pinching the skin, it is probably too tight. Also keep in mind that fingers can swell a little bit in warmer weather. If this happens to you, buy a quarter size up to prevent discomfort. Four Mine offers rings and bands in all common sizes along with half and quarter sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Try to measure your finger size in the middle portion of the day, in the morning fingers can be smaller.

Common Ring Sizes

Women's ring sizes typically range from 3 to 9 within the United States. The most common ring size is in the 6 or 7 range.

chart showing the most common finger sizes for women in the US
chart showing the most common finger sizes for women in the US chart with the average US women's ring finger sizes

Men's ring sizes from size 8 to 13 within the United States with size 9 being the most popular.

chart showing the most common finger sizes for men in the US
chart showing the most common finger sizes for men in the US chart with the average US men's ring finger sizes

Engagement Ring Resizing

Most rings and bands can be resized to within a few sizes of their original size. Four Mine offers complimentary resizing for engagement rings and wedding band within 30 days of receipt. Most rings can be resized, however certain styles like eternity bands and infinity rings cannot be as the design is affected. Try to be as accurate as possible when sizing, while it is typically ok to move a few sizes up or down, try to stay within two finger sizes as any more than that can be difficult. When choosing a ring size for her, it may be a good idea to choose a slightly larger size in order to ensure that ring will fit on her finger during the proposal.

Finding Her Ring Size

If you’re surprising her with a proposal or getting a gift, there are a few ways to find her ring size without ruining the surprise.

Method 1: Simply ask her. If she knows that you are about to propose, you can still surprise her with the ring style and center stone and in the process ensure that the ring is a perfect fit.

Method 2: Measure a ring she currently owns, by taking it to a local jewelry repair shop. They can quickly and easily tell you her ring size. However, ensure that the ring you’re measuring is worn on the ring finger.

Method 3: Take a string and measure the inside diameter of a ring that she wears on her ring finger. Or wrap it around her ring finger while she is sleeping. Measure the inside portion of the ring and compare to the chart below. Once you have determined the millimeter diameter, compare it to the sizing chart to find the right size.

Method 4: Enlist the help of a close friend or family member to try and get the information about her ring size. Just be sure that they’re not giving the surprise away. They can find out the size for you and let you know before you make your purchase.

See our printable sizing guide to make finding the right size an easy process for your band or ring. See our expert gemologist advice for more on finger sizing while keeping your surprise.