Ring Resetting Guide

Although many people who choose to reset their rings normally do so when the ring has become simply worn out, there are many reasons why one might feel the need to reset her ring. Perhaps the wearer inherited the ring and the setting does not match her style, or perhaps the wearer has grown tired of the setting she originally chose for her ring. Most commonly, the reason to reset diamond rings is due to damage. If a ring cannot be spruced up after being damaged, a reset engagement ring might be the only option.

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Reasons to Reset a Ring

Many women who get divorced or break off an engagement may want to save their precious diamonds. In this case, women may participate in resetting diamonds in a new ring or pendant to save the diamonds but make them appear completely different. However, once a diamond is reset, the value of resale goes down significantly, and therefore, it is suggested that if the wearer is not completely attached to that particular diamond that she sell the diamond instead.

Before resetting a diamond, a company may require an appraisal to be able to identify which diamond is the wearer’s. However, not all resetting companies require this paperwork, and therefore, it is recommended that every customer seeking out a reset ring fills out this paperwork on her own.

All of this being said, it is still important to remember that resetting the ring does not completely change the ring; in fact, the amount of changes done to the ring during resetting is absolutely up to the customer’s wants and needs of an engagement ring.

Ring Resetting Options

Now all of this may seem daunting to someone wanting to reset her ring, so what does a typical reset diamond engagement ring look like? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is vague as well. There is not a single ideal reset ring, but rather, a plethora of options. Commonly, women may choose to reset their center stone and with this change, they add accent diamonds to the band. By switching up their setting, the ring is still a variant of their original, and then, the accent diamonds simply add a touch of sparkle to an already beautiful ring. Other women with a solitaire ring may decide to add more diamonds. With this option, it is common to see a reset with two more center diamonds to create a three-stone engagement ring to symbolize all of the couple’s love: past, present, and future.

Additionally, many women have the ability to afford a larger diamond as the relationship progresses. Resets for this situation usually entail keeping the same style of setting, but just add the larger diamond. Sometimes, however, women may add additional diamonds to complement their larger center stone. Another common reset is the change in setting due to inconvenience. For example, women with a higher set stone may have trouble with snagging the stone through their daily life. Because of this inconvenience and damage to the stone, many women may opt for a lower set stone. Still, another option for resetting diamond rings is to add a pop of color because colored gemstones are featured in all of the trends today. By adding smaller, colorful stones, the ring’s overall look remains similar, but it is slightly updated to make a big leap into modernity. Then again, women may not want to keep any aspects of the ring similar at all. In this case, many women opt to keep the diamond to make the ring more affordable, but to change the overall look, they add a more detailed band with many more stones, making the original ring unrecognizable.

Cost of Ring Resetting

Resetting engagement ring costs vary depending on a multitude of reasons; an engagement ring reset cost can be affected by the choice in jeweler, the size of the diamonds, and the additional diamonds or changes that the buyers wants. A wedding or engagement ring can cost anywhere from $80 to $250 dollars. If the buyer is looking to reset more simplistic jewelry, such as earrings, the job may only cost, on average, $125. However, these are all ranges; there is no set price to reset a ring, as there are too many variables to consider.

Any ring can be reset, but some are harder than others. The more complex pieces of jewelry will most likely cost more to reset, but ultimately, they can be done. For buyers thinking of resetting their rings, there are a few tips. They should, first, get estimates for their ring. Since there are so many variables involved in a reset wedding ring or reset engagement ring, they may be charged more at some jewelers than others. If cost is an issue, it is highly recommended to seek out multiple jewelers before resetting. One last tip: if the ring is an heirloom, unsetting the stone may cause damage, and therefore, the buyer should think long and hard about whether the chances of damage are worth resetting the stone.

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