Infinity Engagement Rings

Infinitas, meaning unbounded or limitless, makes infinity engagement rings an apt symbol to represent an everlasting love.

Diamond infinity rings are engagement rings that incorporate the infinity symbol. While originally a mathematical symbol created in 1655, infinity symbols have become universally recognizable in modern jewelry, tattoos, and art. Resembling a horizontal figure eight, the infinity symbol is a visual representation of an unending line with no distinguishable beginning or end, reflecting a limitless love.

Popular designs for infinity diamond engagement rings feature a center gemstone flanked by diamond-studded infinity symbols. In addition to existing as flanking accents, the infinity symbol can also continue around the center stone, nestling the center diamond within a loop of the infinity symbol. These designs popularly use round cut diamonds that nestle perfectly against the infinity symbol’s curved lines.

Akin to the design of infinity engagement rings, Celtic knot rings incorporate Celtic knots, comprised of similar interweaving lines that form an endless, looping pattern. Celtic knot rings pay homage to Irish, Scottish, and Welsh cultures with symbols that have been found on ancient Celtic artifacts such as the Book of Kells. A trinity knot is an elegant three-pointed loop design that is popularly used in Celtic jewelry. Similar to the infinity symbol, the endless loops of the trinity knot represent a never-ending love.

Another popular infinity engagement ring style fuses two distinct ring styles. Infinity diamond engagement rings and eternity bands are two distinct rings but are popularly confused because their designs are often combined as a hybrid design. Eternity bands are rings with a consistent design that completely encircle the finger. Eternity bands and infinity diamond rings are often combined into a ring with a consistent infinity design that completely encircles the finger.

With it’s powerful meaning and elegant design, an infinity ring with diamonds is the perfect symbol to commemorate the beginning of an everlasting love.

Four Mine's Best Selling Infinity Engagement Rings

Wow her with one of these gorgeous infinity style engagement rings:

Infinity Engagement Rings Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

This diamond infinity engagement ring features a pave setting infinity design flanking the sides of a stunning round cut diamond.

Infinity Engagement Rings Pave X Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave X Diamond Engagement Ring

This X-shaped engagement ring lends a modern twist to the traditional infinity diamond engagement ring. Despite its clean, contemporary design, this ring features the signature loops of a diamond infinity engagement ring, conveying the same message of everlasting love with a modern twist.

Infinity Engagement Rings Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

The split shank design of this engagement ring incorporates a subtle infinity symbol that completely encircles the finger with 52 pave set diamonds lining the top half.

Infinity Engagement Rings Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

Although not quite an eternity band, this infinity diamond engagement ring features winding diamond-lined infinity symbols that nearly encircle the entirety of the ring.

Infinity Engagement Rings Twisting Grace Diamond Engagement Ring

Twisting Grace Diamond Engagement Ring

Beautifully woven pave diamonds flank the centerstone of this infinity ring with diamonds. An infinity ring diamond is often round cut, as seen in this stunning ring.

Infinity Engagement Rings Winding Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Winding Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning halo style infinity diamond engagement ring features a diamond-lined infinity halo that wraps around the round center stone. The halo-infinity style of this ring makes it a stunning setting for round cut diamonds that can perfectly nestle into the curve of an infinity symbol.

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