Top 10 Simple Engagement Ring Designs

With the vast assortment of engagement rings on the market today, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when attempting to choose the perfect ring for your significant other. All of the glitz and glamour surrounding diamond rings have completely enshrouded the concept of a simple engagement ring, which can oftentimes be the perfect fit for a wide variety of people due to its simplistic nature and inherent versatility. Simple engagement rings draw the eye to what is typically perceived as the most important aspect of the piece–the center stone, which is what makes it a diamond ring. Not only does the simplicity in traditional engagement rings illuminate the key element of the piece. They also tend to stand the test of time as a ring style that will be forever fashionable. The most obvious and all the while under-stated advantage of purchasing a simple engagement ring opposed to a more embellished alternative is that these rings are more affordable. You also have the flexibility to pair a simpler engagement ring with a matching band or one set with accent diamonds.

The most popular traditional engagement ring in terms of style is by far, the solitaire engagement ring. However, a few other styles that have stood the test of time alongside this design are four prong settings on engagement rings, bands with diamond accent stones, princess-cut rings, pave diamonds, and the more modern style of the petite engagement ring. The top ten most popular simple engagement rings of this year are sure to fit any individual’s style. Simple engagement rings can be solitaires that show off the beauty of the center diamond or gemstone. They can also be cluster rings that have a more discreet cluster of diamonds. Either way, the common theme among simple engagement rings is that they blen seamlessly into the look of the wearer and are not too ostentatious.

Oftentimes, a good route when selecting an engagement ring is to think about the criteria that is most important to you. Is it metal color, size of accent diamonds or band thickness? Once you know what's important to you, you can narow down the ring options easily. With more elaborate ring styles, each can have a distinctive look. However, with simple styles, it can often be difficult to determine the subtle differences between each style. As you browse rings, make a note of what features you liked, once you have a list together, you can simply ask one of our gemologists to help you find the best option. Even if something is not available, rings can always be customized to meet your needs. When looking for simple diamond engagement rings, we recommend looking within our classic, contemporary or solitaire collections.

Ring Styles

Rings are available as part of collections that showcase a certain aesthetic. Collection range from simple to glamorous and everything in between. With the right combination of metals, styles and shapes, the perfect ring can be customized for any woman. Simple engagement rings can be elegant, vintage inspired, minimal or made with different types of gemstones. The first step in narrowing down to a ring style and then choose a ring within that.

Solitaire Rings

Soltiaire engagement rings are the go-to style when looking for a simple engagement ring. With this ring style the beauty of the diamond is showcased in a simple yet striking band style. Band styles can have design elements like twisting and winding metal or cathedral windows and trellis openings. These elements help to set apart each solitaire ring and make it unique for the wearer. Solitaire engagement rings can be set with any diamond shape. The most common diamond shapes in solitaire rings include round, princess, cushion and emerald. However, many also select the unconventional marquise, radiant, heart, or pear for their engagement rings. Because solitaire engagement rings are known for the smooth and visible metal, it is important to select a metal that you truly love. Most commonly, gold and platinum are used for simple engagement rings. Within gold you can choose yellow gold which has a soft yellow glow, rose gold, which has a pinkish coppery glow and white gold which has a bright silvery finish. Platinum looks very similar to white gold but has a slightly more dull finish. It is a sturdier and heavy metal that white gold, but can be more expensive as well.

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Halo Rings

Halo engagement rings can have a classic elegance to them. While the halo does add more sparkle to the engagement ring, it can also be simple when paired with a plain band shank. A halo ring is also the second most popular style for an engagement ring and can be a great option for those looking for a bit more sparkle on their traditional ring. Halo rings look best paired with round, princess and cushion diamonds. But of course all other diamond shapes can be made with halo styles as well. Learn more about halo engagement rings.

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Classic Rings

Classic rings are a great choice for those looking to up the sparkle on their soltiaire rings. This style has diamonds on the band which can come in a variety of shapes like round, and princess. The diamonds can be set in a variety of ways like bezel and pave to bring out the sparkle of the diamond.

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Classic Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic Four Prong Ring

At first glance, this piece is a truly iconic look. This diamond ring truly radiates classic elegance. Its simple shine is truly something for people who enjoy nostalgic pieces of jewelry, and its 14k white gold setting and eco-friendly metal make it one of our bestselling pieces. The four prong solitaire can hold a variety of diamond shapes. The 4 prongs minimize the look of the gold or platinum and allow the diamond to really sparkle and shine through. The diamond is set slightly up and away from the shank or band of the ring to allow more light to penetrate and hit the diamond from all angles enhancing it's sparkle. This ring is under 2 millimeters in width and is therefore the perfect size for any hand type and finger size.

Twisting Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Twisting Solitaire Diamond Ring

This ring puts a unique twist on the classic solitaire style. This ring is elegant while maintaining its character, making it a rather personable piece. Coupled with its pave setting, this ring is a great blend of metal shine and diamond sparkle. The twisting metal on this ring is fused and sculpted beautifully for a smooth and even finish. The diamond is set with minimal 4 prongs in order to have the beauty of the diamond shine through. The twisting style is a great blend of modern along with a vintage inspired look. This style is also a great choice for those who like nature inspired or organic looking designs. While this ring would look beautiful with any metal, to continue with the vintage theme, have it crafted in yellow or rose gold.

Trellis Solitaire Princess Diamond Ring

Trellis Princess Solitaire Ring

This piece is perfect for individuals who like a bit more of the metal showcased in their ring. The strong setting can polish up any outfit and the unique design beneath its beautiful diamond center stone only draws the eye deeper into the structure of this ring. This ring is a perfect complement to the princess diamond as it hold it securely and protects it's sharp and pointed corners. The trellis head opens up a bit to allow light to penetrate the diamond and unleash it's sparkle. The weaved trellis design adds a bit of flair to an otherwise plain metal band. The detailing is subtle and is on the inside of the ring.

Traditional Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Traditional Pave Diamond Ring

With the petite classic setting and accent diamonds of this Pave engagement ring, you are getting more glimmer than ever while still keeping the focus on your center stone thanks to the thin band. This piece is great for people who enjoy accessorizing, for the engagement ring’s dainty frame allows for stacking and versatility in relation to pairing it with other pieces. In this ring the center diamond is framed by five accent diamonds on either side for subtle sparkle. The band of this ring is under 2 millimeters, making it dainty and understated. This ring is a classic choice that will never go out of style, for years to come. If she wants a traditional look, this ring is a safe option.

Ridged Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Ridged Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

The more distinguished pave setting on this otherwise simple engagement ring gives the ring an eye-catching glow, all the while maintaining the emphasis on the absolutely stunning diamond center stone. The detail on this engagement ring is what makes it a wonderful stand-alone piece. Its elegant body and shine make this ring great for someone who wants a piece that can hold its own when worn with an evening gown or more formal attire. The ridges on the ring can be seen from the side of the ring and add a vintage inspired look to the ring. While not an antique, this ring certainly looks like it was inspred by antique rings. Beyond the ridges, the finish on this ring is smooth and even, making it comfortable enough to wear everyday.

Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Ring

This ring brings every stone to the eye’s attention with the use of its ten bezel set accent diamonds. If your significant other is searching for a ring that will never lose its sparkle, this choice might be the right one for you. Bezel setting is typically reserved for center diamonds. However, in this ring the accent diamonds are set in the bezel style. This hold them securely on the band and adds a unique look. Most accent diamonds are pave set with prongs, however the bezel setting on this ring adds an unforgettably unique look to this diamond engagement ring.

French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

With a short glance alone, anyone can see that this classic engagement ring is filled to the brim with a glowing sort of effortless beauty. Absolutely charming in its shimmering simplicity, the French Cut Pave Diamonds add lots of shine to the piece without ever down playing the beauty of the center stone. A hard task to accomplish for a band that contains twenty-four stones! The thin band of this ring is also great for individuals who are not looking for a heavy ring, or a compromise when it comes to retaining that shine. The french set pave stones have a timeless look that will never go out of style. It is especially easy to match a wedding band with this ring as many wedding bands are also set with pave diamonds.

Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring packs tons of power into an otherwise simple design with its bold center stone halo accent. With all of the focus being put on the beautiful diamond, this engagement ring becomes an incredibly bold piece. Albeit a traditional engagement ring, this piece is definitely geared towards individuals who house a great deal of character and strength. Wearing this diamond ring symbolizes a liking for the spotlight if nothing else, as well as a desire to show the world who they truly are in every action that they take. If opting for this ring, choose a round diamond knowing that the halo will accentuate it to make it look even larger. This means that you can opt for a diamond of higher color and clarity knowing that the halo will help to add to the size of the center.

Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a more streamlined and structured design displays a rather compelling perspective on the typically dainty pave setting within the realm of simple engagement rings. The structure of this ring makes it a great choice for individuals who are trying to find that perfect balance between a simple diamond engagement ring that is not too dainty or bold. Its clean-cut body lends any outfit or style a perfectly pulled-together look. This is also a ring that is quite easy to match with a wedding band. The band can be plain or set with matching side stones.

Grace Solitaire Diamond Ring

Grace Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring was inspired by cathedral style windows. This is a unique twist to the traditional solitaire ring with beautiful accents that add subtle flair. The cathedral windows lift the diamond and also add design flair to the ring. Additionally, the metal scrollwork on the inside of the ring allows for a stunning look when the ring is looked at in profile view.

An important note to remember while embarking on this journey to the perfect engagement ring is that engagement rings do not need to be extravagant in order to be beautiful and memorable. An engagement ring proposal in and of itself is incredibly meaningful, so you should not feel the need to knock your significant other’s ‘socks’ off with an extravagant diamond engagement ring if you genuinely do not feel like that is something that they would be interested in. Having an affordable engagement ring is just as important as having a beautiful piece, and simplicity within an engagement ring is one way to appease both of those issues. Sometimes, it isn’t a bad thing to stick to the basics. Traditional doesn't have to be boring. With metal details and/or diamond accents, even a simple ring can look unique. Four Mine also offers free engraving so that your ring or band will be personalized and one of a kind. Another great benefit of a simpler and more traditional diamond engagement ring is the ability to spend more on the center diamond, as the cost of the setting is lower than in other more elaborate rings. The best aspect of buying an engagement ring is that it is safe option that would suit any hand type and any woman's style and taste. All in all there are many perks to purchasing and wearing a simple engagement ring.

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