Teardrop Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

If you are in the market for a diamond shape for a ring or a necklace, a good option would be the teardrop shaped diamond. This particular diamond shape is extremely popular in the Far East, but not as popular in the US market. Many are of the opinion that it is the most elegant and classic looking diamond shape and the value is unmatched by none. The pear, or tear shaped diamond gained popularity when Elizabeth Taylor received a gift from her then lover, Richard Burton of a 69 carat diamond, pear shaped pendant on a necklace that was later called the Taylor Burton Diamond. This diamond incited the need for others to own a tear shaped diamond as a part of their jewelry collection.

How to Select A Square Cut Engagement Ring

Like each individual has their own personality, engagement rings are also a representation of personal style. Sqaure diamonds adds a modern and refined element to the engagement ring; however, flair can be added with metal colors, various ring settings and designs. In this way even the square diamond engagement ring can be personalized. Be sure to look for a setting that is made to perfectly complement the square cut. Speak with one of our expert gemologists for recommendations.

Pear shaped diamonds can be used in several different types of jewelry, but is by far more versatile in a ring. A part of the group of half-round diamonds, the pear shape is placed in the same category as the marquise, the heart shaped and the oval. The shape is like that of a teardrop, hence the name. It also has an oval shape at one end and a pointed end.

Popularity of Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear shaped diamonds were not as popular as the others when they were first introduced. The list of celebrities who own a pear shaped diamond ring is by no means exhaustive. In terms of celebrity engagement rings, there are emeralds and there are diamonds. The dazzling display of diamond rings that are worn by celebrities is a sight to behold. The shapes are different, but for the sizes, the bigger the better seems to be the mantra. Below are a few famous people who are the proud owners of the teardrop diamond rings.

How To Select A Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Selecting a pear shaped diamond can be tricky at times, especially if you are not aware of the technicalities that are involved. In terms of their value, pear shaped diamonds are approximately less than round diamonds in cost. This is highly dependent on color and clarity. The pear shaped diamond, in all its exclusivity, is also known as the tear drop diamond. Normally made with 58 facets, this diamond looks like an elongated oval diamond with a point. For some teardrop shaped diamonds, the color is unevenly spread, this presents an issue with those weighing in at over 1 carat. The color is centered at the point and gives it an illusion of being darker. This is especially true for colors that are graded below F.

The pear, or tear shaped diamond’s origins trace as far as 1458 when it was created by a Flemish Polisher called Lodewyk Van Bercken. It was cut in a way in which it could maximize the sparkle and shine. When he first created it, it was not a success as many people were disappointed with the amount of rough diamond that was lost during the process. However, over time the diamond gained popularity and became a great focal point for diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

Pear engagement rings are a popular choice for an engagement ring as they exude a beautiful amount of luxury, romance and elegance. Here are our most popular styles for pear engagement rings.

Top Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring

Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring

This tapered design of this ring mimics the pear diamonds curves and makes this a graceful choice. This is a great choice for all hand types and finger sizes.

Double Row Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Double Row Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring has shining metal on the under portion and sparkling diamond accents that frame the center diamond for a rich and dazzling look.

Lasso Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Lasso Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

With a unique twist on the band the pear diamond is held in a loop that cradles it and adds depth and dimension to the ring.

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagment Ring

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

With the tapered baguettes on either side of the pear diamond on this ring as well as the smaller round accent diamonds, the beauty of diamonds is showcased in many ways. That’s what makes this ring beautiful from every angle.

Three Row Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Row Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring has a stunning design with three rows of diamonds set all over the band. The diamonds are set close together for a stunning sparkle that makes the ring sparkle from every angle in any light.

Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Rings