Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are simply an elongated round brilliant cut. Oval cuts have the brilliance of the round diamond, but with a uniqueness to their shaping. They are a fashionable and trendy diamond cut that, when cut well, can look larger than a round diamond. This is because they are cut with similar depth to a round diamond. The Oval shape can make one’s fingers look thinner and longer, which compliments the hand very well. The Oval cut is a more recent cut, invented in the mid 1900s. The Oval cut is intended to represent the longevity of your relationship. It was cut for symbolic meaning, but requires certain considerations when selecting it.

Oval Cut Diamond Origin

Jewel crafters have cut diamonds into oval-type shapes for centuries, as variations of the classic round brilliant cut. However, the oval diamond as we know it today was not purposely developed until the late 1950’s. Lazare Kaplan, a diamond cutter from Russia, quickly earned a reputation for being able to turn the most useless and flawed diamonds into beautiful works of art. He cut down the damaged gemstones, chipped away the blemished parts, and created smaller, workable diamonds. He seemed to truly believe in the saying “diamond in the rough,” and it was he who created the oval-cut diamond from some of the “deformed” diamond pieces with which he so expertly worked. Some famous people who favor oval cut diamond jewelry include Princess Kate, Katie Holmes, and Selma Hayek.

Oval Cut Pricing

Like other fancy shapes, Ovals use more rough diamond and therefore are less premium than round brilliant cuts. However, unlike other fancy shapes, they require less depth, so the diamond looks larger and fuller. This makes them a a great value for money purchase when it comes to diamonds. Oval cuts can look visually stunning, but in some instances, may exhibit a “bow tie” effect. The bow tie effect is a visually dull/darker center that resembles a black bow tie. It is an area where light is leaked and not reflected. Diamond brilliance is impacted by the bow tie effect. Other shapes that can exhibit this are marquise, heart and pear shapes. The bow tie effect appears when the oval cut is too shallow or deep. One other factor to consider is color. Ovals tend to show more color than rounds, particular near their shallow edges. Therefore, consider a slightly higher color when choosing an oval cut diamond. Learn more about diamond pricing.

Oval Diamond Buying Guide

Price is always an important factor when shopping for anything, especially something as permanent as an engagement ring. This one area in which the rarity of the oval cut diamond comes in handy. While it is harder to find than other diamond cuts, it is also not as highly demanded. Therefore, the oval diamond value is typically less than that of other diamond cuts. Many brides-to-be don’t care if their gemstone is tall or short. However, if your betrothed has an eye for the height of her oval cut diamond, keep in mind that the taller, or longer, stones look sharper, while the shorter ones adhere to the rounded oval shape. Oval cut diamonds have a larger surface area than the round brilliant counterparts of the same size. If you are looking for size without spending a lot, an oval cut diamond is a good choice because they always appear larger than the round.

Oval Diamond Guide

The optimal oval ratio of length to width is 1.32 to 1.45. Shorter oval cut diamonds may be deep or look too round. Some people also prefer very long ovals (upwards of 1.50 in ratio). Higher ratios make the diamond look quite large, but its depth becomes shallow. Below, you’ll see the depths, tables and ratios affecting the diamond’s cut.

Depth % for Oval Diamonds

side view of oval diamond showing its depth

Excellent: 67%-57%

Very Good: 68%-53%

Good: 72%-49%

Table % of Oval Diamonds

top view of oval diamond showing the table facet

Excellent: 65%-53%

Very Good: 69%-51%

Good: 74%-47%

Length to width Ratio for Oval Diamonds

oval diamond with shorter 1.25 length to width ratio


oval diamond with a perfect 1.50 length to width ratio


oval diamond with a longer 2.00 length to width ratio


Oval Diamond Size Chart

Oval cut diamonds have approximate millimeter sizes that correspond to certain carat weights. Please see a chart of the popular oval cut diamond sizes and their carat weights. For all sizes and shapes, please visit our diamond size chart page.

millimeter size and carat weight chart for oval diamonds from 0.25ct to 5.00 carat weight
millimeter size and carat weight chart for oval diamonds from 0.25ct to 5.00 carat weight millimeter size and carat weight chart for oval diamonds from 0.25ct to 5.00 carat weight millimeter size and carat weight chart for oval diamonds from 0.25ct to 5.00 carat weight