Ideal Cut Diamonds are an Ideal Best Friend

Of the small percentage of truly flawless diamonds in the world today, only a fraction of that percentage makes it to jewelry retailers sales floors. An even smaller number still are so perfect and brilliant that they deserve high grade assignments (or the price tags issued to such flawless gems). The diamonds that make up the smallest percentage of all “perfect” diamonds, and rarest of all gemstones, are the ideal cut diamonds.

What is an Ideal Cut Diamond?

Because ideal cut diamonds are so rare, they aren’t produced in every possible gemstone cut. The only cuts in which you can buy ideal cut diamonds are princess cut, round cut, or brilliant cut. These cuts are the only ones into which ideal diamonds can be crafted, because they are the only styles that can meet all the definitions befitting the “ideal” name. What ideal cut diamonds means is that these diamond’s symmetry, angles, light reflection, gem cut, proportions and shine are as perfect as gemstones can ever be.

From Where Did the Term “Ideal Cut Diamond” Originate?

Ideal cut diamonds are so rare that they still often go by the name of their documented discoverer, Jewish jewel cutter and expert Marcel Tolkowsky. After receiving a PhD in all things diamond related; particularly cutting, grinding, and shaping, Tolkowsky gave the ideal cut diamond the name by which jewelry professionals know it today. Its other names (Tolkowsky Brilliant, the American Standard, and the Tolkowsky cut diamond), were inspired by him, his work and his notes on this specific diamond. In his studies, Tolkowsky found that, if a diamond is cut wrong, or too deeply, it loses some of its beautiful sparkle. While those diamonds often still make lovely jewelry, these less-than-perfect cuts diminish their value, which lowers their overall grade. He also recognized that the ideal cut diamonds would be among the rarest of the world’s gemstones because it was so difficult to perfect the cut and polish deserving of the ideal diamond cut class.

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Things to Consider When Shopping for Ideal Cut Diamonds

Shopping for any type of diamond can be scary. It is up to the jeweler to make you feel welcome as you browse (or to make the jewelry site user-friendly and not intimidating if you’re shopping online). However, it is up to you, as the customer, to let him or her know if you need any help or have any questions. Don’t be afraid to do so; they likely won’t bite!

Know approximately which size you want before you start shopping. It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of ideal cut diamonds as you see or try on (or watch your special lady try on) different jewelry with the rare gems. However, as with other gemstones, the bigger the stone (the higher the carat), the heavier its price tag will be. If you’ve already decided which carat you need, you’ll save even more time, as well as the embarrassment of choosing a diamond that catches your eye but publicly overdraws your bank account.

Be willing to sacrifice size for brilliance. While all ideal cut diamonds shine in brilliant perfection, the larger stones may stretch the light further to give the diamond even light reflection throughout the entire pavilion of the gem. If shine and sparkle matter more to you than size, seek out the most brilliant of all the ideal cut diamonds.

Never forget how rare the ideal cut diamonds really are. If you have trouble finding one within your budget and/or specifications, don’t give up. Never be afraid to ask jewelers, surf numerous sites and visit multiple jewelry stores. It may mean that you need to be willing to travel, or to take the plunge and have your gem shipped from halfway across the country (or maybe even the world). Or, a local jeweler may be able to order the diamond for which you are asking, but it could take weeks to arrive, which will require patience and forethought before placing your order.