IF Clarity Diamonds

Diamond grading helps standardize and set the value and price of all diamonds. Trained gemologists and technicians use sophisticated tools to examine and assign grades to diamond. These clarity grades help to determine the quality and value of the diamond. A diamond’s sparkle is represented by its graded components such as clarity.

Clarity is graded face up with magnification tools like loupes and microscopes. These are used to indentify all imperfections and inclusions within the diamond. When these inclusions, are not present in any visible way even under magnification, the diamond is given a high clarity grade like IF.

What is an IF Clarity Diamond

IF or Internally Flawless diamonds represent less than 0.5% of all diamonds in the worlds used in jewelry and engagement rings. IF means the diamond has no inclusions present within the diamond, whether examined with or without magnification. These diamonds of course carry the largest premium given how rare they are. IF diamonds are really for the purist or perfectionist looking for nothing but the absolute best. This grade falls on the top of the GIA clarity grading scale. They are not for the budget conscious.

IF diamonds symbolize pure and unconditional love because no inclusions are present. These diamonds are unlike others because no inclusions provide a sense of “uniqueness” present in lower clarity diamonds. IF diamonds can, however, possess comments about the diamond such as “minor details of polish,” or “manufacturing remnants,” or “surface graining.” These are extremely tiny details found on the surface our outside the diamond on the skin. It has no effect on the diamond’s sparkle, visibility and light performance. Even under magnification, these are rarely identifiable.

10x zoom magnified diamond example, typical for diamond clarity grading
10x zoom
10x zoom with I1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with SI2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with SI1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VS2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VS1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VVS2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VVS1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with IF clarity inclusions
10x zoom with FL clarity inclusions

Buying IF Diamonds

Only choose IF if you don’t have a budget or must have the highest quality for a personal or cultural reason. Prices increase exponentially in IF clarity diamonds as the other diamond attributes such as cut, color and carat increase. Therefore, be sure to strike a happy medium. A diamond with a slightly lower clarity grade will sparkle just about as well so consider other clarity diamonds as well. Inclusions below the VS range can only be seen under magnification so no one can tell if you diamond is IF or VS2 anyway. The wholesale discounts on IF diamonds tend to be large. Diamonds are priced reasonably in this range because they are so inexpensive versus their MSRP. But remember, this doesn’t mean they are inexpensive overall.

As you can see, 1.00ct diamonds, holding all else equal, have huge differences in price, upwards of 20%. The different though, is nominal in terms of sparkle and appearance. Feel free to purchase IF diamonds online because you do not need to see the diamond prior to buying. No inclusions means there’s really nothing to see or evaluate. Start by viewing Four Mine’s diamond search and pair the clarity with the other diamond 4 C’s to identify if IF is the right clarity range for you given your price range and budget. Like everything else, clarity is something you should balance and determine how important it is for you.

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