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Diamond Cut

The shape and proportions of a diamond that affect it’s fire, brilliance and scintillation.

Why is cut important?

Cut is light’s interaction with a diamond. It can mask inclusions and color, and is also a reflection of the proper measurements that make the ideal carat weight.

Cut is often considered the most important C. GIA grades cut for Round diamonds on a scale from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. The combination of proportions and measurements determine a cut grade. Because of our emphasis on quality, we only carry diamonds graded from Excellent to Good.

Appearance is relative to diamond fire, brightness and scintillation. Brightness is light reflectiveness. Fire refers to the reflection of rainbow colors that are visible in a diamond. Scintillation is an examination of sparkle. Polish and Symmetry are also visual estimation that affect cut grades. Additional measurements include Table, Depth, Facet Percentages, Crown Angles, Pavilion Angles, Girdle and Culet. The combination of each of these determines the cut grade of each diamond.



Which cut is for me?

Excellent cut diamonds carry a premium; so many consumers tend to select Very Good cut grade stones. It is difficult to tell the difference between an Excellent and Very Good cut; because these cut grades are sometimes based on mathematical calculations and less on appearance. You can comfortably purchase a Very Good cut diamond knowing that it will possess beautiful sparkle.

Fancy shapes have no certified cut grades given by the GIA. Only symmetry and polish grades are available. However, Four Mine gemologists assign grades based on our assessment of the diamond’s quality to help you choose the best diamond.


What are the cut grades?


An EX cut diamond maximizes brilliance and sparkle from all angles. With ideal proportions, an Excellent cut diamond possesses the highest standard of brightness, pattern, and fire, and thus carries a premium.


A VG cut diamond has high brilliance and sparkles magnificently. While it may allow some light leakage the difference between EX and VG cuts is very small.


A G cut diamond has striking appeal and sparkle. It sparkles less than an EX or VG cut diamond, but good cut is considered a great value and may only have slight pattern unevenness.