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Diamond Color

Color indicates the absence of visible color within a diamond.

Why is color important?

Diamond color can be detected by the eye, even though the differences are very subtle. Color grades are assigned based on the lack of visible color shading, with the higher color grades (less color) being more rare and valuable. The diamond color grading scale ranges from D – Z.

Color is often considered the second most important C because it can be eye-visible. While color may not be immediately identifiable, your eyes will notice a difference upon comparing diamonds in two color ranges.


The most popular colors are in the G – I range. The hues of color are extremely subtle and even seasoned professionals often have difficulty identifying the color once it is set in an engagement ring.

For the purist, a D – F color diamonds are ideal. For a more budget-conscious decision, consider an I – K color.

Purchasing a lower color diamond concedes only small visible differences, but the savings can be very noticeable. The most noticeable cost difference is often from G to F color grades. The most popular color grade is a G color with H color closely behind.