We offer a lifetime upgrade policy for all GIA diamonds purchased from Four Mine. If you’ve like to upgrade your diamond, we’ll apply 100% of the credit toward the purchase of a new GIA certified diamond priced at least twice the original diamond purchase. The diamond must be in its absolutely original condition and accompanied by the original GIA grading report. The diamond will need to be inspected and approved by one of our certified gemologists to ensure authenticity.

If you’d like to upgrade, simply contact our sales department at (844) 234-6463 and send your jewelry in for inspection. Choose your upgrade and we’ll apply the value of your original diamond purchase as credit against the new purchase. We can then send you the diamond loose or reset in a new ring setting. If resetting in a new ring is required, as determined by Four Mine gemologists, you may be required to purchase a new setting. This is typically the case with fitted halo ring settings that may accommodate specific diamond sizes.

Diamond Education

Learn everything you need to know about diamonds from cut, clarity, carat and color to neyond the 4 C's. Our guide will help you understand all the essentials so that you can choose the best diamond for your budget and preferences.

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Conflict Free Jewelry

We place a high value on crafting jewelry with the highest ethical standards. Our diamonds are certified conflict-free and materials are ethically sourced. All our jewelry is handcrafted in the heart of New York City by our dedicated team of jewelry experts.

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